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Welcome to Nordrive - providing highly sucessful Intensive Driving Courses in Norwich.
Specialising in crash courses for many years means you can benefit from our wealth of experience and knowledge. Nordrive is a small and well established driving school. We do not have large overheads or commission to pay which lets us offer training at low rates. Compare our fees with other local companies offering similar intensive courses - even with their special offers - and you're likely to find our training costs are lower. To compare course fees find out how many hours driving you will get. We only do intensive courses - this is our expertise.

You will be transformed into a 'driver'
as well as someone who can pass a driving test! The teaching you get is 5 star - this means being treated as an individual which helps get the best out of you. To read what people have said about their courses click intensive course reviews on the Google plus link. It is not just affordable training but a teaching style which gets results.
Most people say "I wish I'd done an intensive years ago" - now you can!
Get in touch and find out about how training works - contact us from one of our enquiry pages or give us a call.


Training to the highest level!

Training which can fit around your own 'style' of learning so that you make will the best progress that is possible!
Not a 'one size fits all' approach.

Unique style of teaching which gets results...

Understanding people is a key to success. Feeling relaxed and comfortable is the best learning environment. Learning to drive means understanding what is required and how to put it into practice. Progressing as quickly as possible to get to a high standard of driving.
Ian Clark DSA Driving Instructor
Ian Clark
DSA Top Grade Instructor (6)
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About our Courses in Norwich
You may be looking at this site for driving lessons for you or someone else. Here is some information which I'm sure will help you choose. You can always get in touch for more advice.

Do you have any previous driving experience?
Most people I train usually have some driving experience. Some examples:

"I've done a bit of driving on a supermarket car park - airfield - private land etc"

"I've done loads of driving with my mum - dad - boyfriend but never/only had a few proper driving lessons with a driving school."

"I have had lots of driving lessons but need to get through my test now."

Save Money ££'s

The more driving experience the more money could be saved - that has got to be good news! Get as much practice in before starting an intensive course. This will save time in getting to test standard. It will definitely increase the chances of success. So many people who have had weekly lessons feel it is three steps forward and then two back. Continuity assists the learning process.

Feeling Frustrated !!!!!
Unfortunately some peoples' driving experience is they feel that all their Driving Instructor is interested in is taking their money! It seems they are not making the sort progress they expected and become frustrated. Instead of looking forward to their driving lessons they start to loose enthusiasm.

Learning to drive should be enjoyable. Our intensive courses are well structured with students able to see their progress on a daily basis. Time passes very quickly as the training is designed to enable quick and steady progress.

If you have never had any driving experience
"I will get my provisional licence soon and want to pass my Driving test as soon as possible"

This can be the case for some. If they have off road driving experience or have ridden a motorbike then an Intensive could be great. Training is easier if someone has already had some on road experience.

"I really need to be driving now because of my circumstances"

If you are the more 'mature' driver then be prepared for more hours.

It's about being a safe driver - not just passing a test
This is a fundamental point and often quoted by instructors - it's not good just scraping through a driving test but then not being confident driver!

The driving test is only a small part of learning to drive. The test lasts for around 45 minutes - your will be a driver for the rest of your life.

Yes, fast track courses are a sensible option but the aim is really to produce safe and confident drivers.

and finally...
I have trained many different types of people over the years. Getting the best out of my students means having the correct approach to training. This means team work - a working relationship where there is mutual respect and a relaxed atmosphere. This makes training much more effective and productive.

If you enjoy driving then the chances are you will be good at it.

I hope this page and the rest of the site is helpful whilst trying to find the best driving course for you.

Nordrive - The Red House - 259 St Faiths Road - Old Catton - Norwich NR6 7BB
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