Intensive Course Prices

thirty hour intensive course in Norwich

30 Hour Standard Course
£880 - (incl Test £942)

Normally done over five days.
This is the most popular course. Around fifteen hours driving. Reversing and roundabout experience. Suitable for most with reasonable car skills.

25 hour intensive course in norwich

25 Hour Midi Course
£740 - (incl Test £802)

Can be done over four or five days.
A bit more experienced - about mid level ability. Fairly good car control and fairly confident. Already done over twenty hours of driving.

20 hour intensive in norwich

20 Hour Compact Course
£610 - (incl Test £672)

Can be done over four or five days.
Pretty good car control - already had over twenty hours of driving. Able to do some manoeuvres. May have had a test or reached test standard recently.

35 hour intensive courses in Norwich - Norfolk

35 Hour Novice Course
£1025 - (incl Test £1087)

Can be done over five or six days.
A basic understanding of car control. Possibly ridden a small motorbike. May have had off-road experience or driven a bit on quieter roads.

40 hour Foundation Course

40 Hour Foundation Course
£1200 - (incl Test £1262)

Spread over over two weeks.
For the complete beginner or someone with limited experience. Do in just two weeks what would on average take several months or more.

One Hour assessment

One Hour Assessment
£30 - ( finding the right course)

Not sure which course would be best?
Having an hour's assessment will help decide which is the right one. A great opportunity to meet and learn more about the intensive courses.

Find out a bit more!

How Intensives Work

Short video covering some of the most commonly asked questions.

This clip is less than one and half minutes. It gives a bit of an idea how the Intensive Courses work. Hope it helps!

Five Great Reasons

This clip is just over a minute - about the benefits of an Intensive Course.

Maybe some of these benefits will help you - everyone doing an Intensive will have their own reasons in needing to get driving as soon as possible.